All the Bang for Your Buck


Petra’s Destruction Assurance
Returned from a successful six-year contract on Vilisset (Aridias Delve), Petra’s Destruction Assurance is once again seeking long-term contracts from polities in need of deterrent forces.  Equipped with a squadron of 16 mobile-launcher-based Cherac III-class strategic-range missiles each carrying eight megaton range antimatter warheads, PDA is capable of providing appropriate strategic deterrence for continental planetary or regional asteroid-based powers.  PDA provide their own organic auxiliary support, security, inbound tracking and target surveillance services.

Note: Deterrence only; Petra’s Destruction Assurance does not contract for the performance of preemptive strikes.  Clients will not be provided with direct access to permissive action systems or launch codes.

Contact Col. Petra Solanel-ith-Serquel, c/o UARC Central Office.

– UARC Customer Bulletin, Spring 5094