Die Standing, If You Please

“It should understand,” I spoke as if to the air, “that its cause will not be served by genuflection, or by prostration, or by obsequity, or by such other obeisance as it has been in the habit of demanding.”

“We are defeated, broken,” the chained lanect hissed back.  “The Stanturak worlds burn.  The Sargas left us with nothing that could achieve space, and the other Raidermarchers hang over us like carrion rats.  This surrender is meaningless.  What is there for us but to cry your mercy?”

“It should be aware,” I spoke again, “that to our kind, a favored enemy – unbowed or at the least unbroken – is much to be preferred over any groveler, however adept their subjection.”

The lanect made no reply.

– Crystal Spire Conversations, by Lyrisia Solanel, former Spire page