A Brief Pronoun Note

You may notice that in “Purpose” I used the male-default pronoun and person-reference – i.e., “men of every kind”, “him and his”, etc.

This is, of course, a decidedly imperfect translation of the Eldraeic original, which uses, of course, the word daráv – “person, sophont” – in formations like the former, and whose pronouns are all entirely ungendered unless deliberately gendered, which in this case they weren’t because there’s no reason so to do.  Unfortunately, while in modern texts I can use “soph” for the former, at least, English has no slightly-archaic gender-neutral constructs that would fit into a text set in this era without seeming, well, clunky.  At least in my opinion, and since I’m the one doing the writing here, it’s my opinion we’ll be going with.

But if you were wondering why Her Divine Majesty Seledíë I Selequelios, by Right of Coronargyr and Chartered Mandate Empress of the Eldrae, Chief Executive Officer of the Imperium Incorporate, First of the Free, Defender of the Star’s Flame, Heart of the Realm, Sovereign Lady of the Heights and Depths, Dyarch of the Infinite, etc., etc., was speaking in the masculine, that’s why.

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