Buyer Beware

New Era Sophotechnology (the Seller) expressly disclaims and rejects any and all responsibility and liability for, and the Purchaser expressly agrees to accept such responsibility and liability for, and affirms its legal obligation to hold the Seller harmless for and indemnify the Seller against any claims resulting from, damage to person, property, liberty, society, geography, astrography, or local reality in any state, form, or aspect, attributable to uses of the purchased Technologies in violation of the warnings, restrictions, and other cautionary statements provided in the full documentation supplied with the Technologies, or any experimental modifications of the Technologies made by the Purchaser or subsequent Purchasers without the explicit knowledge and advice of New Era Sophotechnology or its authorized representatives.

Such damages or causes of claim shall be deemed to include, but are not limited to, loss of non-backed-up mentality, decoherence, impaired or enhanced volition, violation of mnemonic copyright, cerebral security violations other than security architecture flaws, fundamental or superficial change in species-nature, theological conundra, revelation of unwonted truths, fork divergence, hyperautism, identity-destroying self-modification, social unrest, economic dislocations, educational system collapse, psephological manipulation, ungovernability, incomprehensibility, identity and substrate complexification, personhood expansion, runaway intelligence excursion, baseline dependency syndrome, unintended recursive self-improvement, hard or soft take-off singularity, mass cryptographic failure, accidental or prohibited coadunation, Falrann collapse, hegemonization, perversion of any class, individual or collective apotheosis, and/or p-zombie apocalypse.