Are They Insane, Or Are They Insane?

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I find myself in need of some specific words in English.

Specifically, to represent a distinction in Eldraeic in general, and in the professional jargon of psychedesigners, sophotechnologists, memeticists, lawyers, the Eupraxic Collegium, and so forth in particular, between two distinguishable states which English tends to lump indistinctively together as “insane, crazy, etc.”:

1. Irrationality having its origin in an organic or mechanical dysfunction of the brain, or a chemical imbalance, or environmental toxins, or intolerable stress, or other such cause; for which, obviously, one has no more ethical responsibility than a boulder does for its fall from the cliff-top; and

2. Irrationality having its origin in voluntarily taking on and submitting to some ghastly, corrosively autotoxic memeplex – Dominionism, Wahabism, Scientology, racial supremacism, revolutionary Communism, membership in a political┬áparty, etc., etc., that has gone through the rational cognitive capacity of your brain like chlorine trifluoride through an unlucky rocketeer. For which – well, you thought it, you bought it, savvy?

Any thoughts on existing words that might have the proper subtextual spin?

6 thoughts on “Are They Insane, Or Are They Insane?

  1. It sounds like you are going for the distinction between insanity and irrationality. At least as far as the Eldrae are concerned. There are probably no end of fancy ways to describe each, but I think your question is one of simple adjectives?

  2. For the second, fanatic, zealot, or dogmatist. The last may add a flavor of adhering to a doctrine.

    For the first I’d stop using the “crazy” terms and categorize them with wounded, infected, and other terms for physical illness and injury, since it’s essentially the same cause, just different symptoms.

  3. Do the eldrae have any terms used like the english “crazy mofo” where it can be a term of respect for a particularly non-rigid thinker?

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