Trope-a-Day: Measuring the Marigolds

Measuring the Marigolds: Should you, gentle reader, ever find yourself transported by some magical tornado to one of the locales about which I write, don’t try and explain this one to the locals. Really. Just… don’t.

Expect a lengthy lecture on how The World Is Just Awesome, but can only be appreciated at a very shallow level by those who don’t even try to understand it, and how substituting mere numinous neural self-pleasuring for truly grokking the wonders of the world is grossly inadequate, and frankly the world deserves better of you, Mister So-Called-Sentient-Supposedly-Sapient-Being, than such flagrant and feth-witted mystagoguery.

Or, y’know, a truly spectacular contemptuous snort.


8 thoughts on “Trope-a-Day: Measuring the Marigolds

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  2. “feth-witted” – it’s not exactly often I see that turn of phrase outside of the DakkaDakka 40k forum. And yet, it fits 😛

  3. It just hit me that in light of their “Nothing ineffable must be left uneffed” attitude, the Heisenberg uncertainty principle and the observer effect must drive the Imperials absolutely ’round the bend.

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