Trope-a-Day: Drop Pod

Drop Pod: The Piton-class drop pod and Fist-class triple drop pods, specifically, the former of which drops a single heavy legionary from orbit to ground, and the latter of which drops three light legionaries likewise. A modified Fist is also used to drop equipment packages.

(Unlike many variants on this theme, these drop pods aren’t intentionally used to damage the enemy, although if one does land on someone’s head, that’s a bonus: it’s hard enough to get a legionary safely to the ground, through flak, with a suicide-burn flight profile as it is without having it try and double as a KEW. Besides, you can always throw a few actual KEWs out in front of it…)

One thought on “Trope-a-Day: Drop Pod

  1. What do the Drop Pods actually look like and how are they build? For me, the SOEIV from Halo or the Drop Pods of 40K allways seemed so far off from what would be realisticaly required to survive a multi-G burn down into an atmosphere, especialy when it comes to crew acomodations – no realistic crash and acceleration couches and no restraint frames or large belts to keep yourself and your equipment from flying through the pods interior during manouvering burns, re-entry and descent. Lacking manouvering capability, no countermeasures or ECM, no Point Defenses, and also no defense weapons to cover you while you try to disembark.

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