Eldraeic Word of the Day: Deléhain

deléhain: A direct translation of the kaeth word harghcha, literally meaning “pleasure-fight”; physical combat in social situations for the enjoyment of both the participants and any onlookers, which is a common feature of the kinesthetic kaeth culture.

Note that neither the Eldraeic hain nor the original cha define a scale without further qualification; the term deléhain can be applied equally well to two children roughhousing, or to Paltraeth’s annual Feast of the Blooding, a tradition compared by most visitors to a planet-wide civil war, albeit one conducted without modern weapons.


2 thoughts on “Eldraeic Word of the Day: Deléhain

  1. So when you say “modern weapons”, are we talking about what WE consider modern, or THEY consider modern?

    • They, in this case.

      (Which probably means combustion-based firearms – along with their various precursors – are okay, as long as they aren’t throwing around good armor-piercing ammunition. The amount of metal concentrated in a kaeth’s shield and scales makes them pretty heavily armored against plain old lead.)

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