Notice to Querents

Okay. I regret having to do this, because by and large I enjoy engaging with my readers and satisfying their curiosity, but —

I am, as of now, declaring a complete, conclusive, and perpetual moratorium on all “gotcha” questions. (I am not providing a definition, because definitions can be gamed; if you think it’s one, it probably is.) This is because endless nitpicking of edge cases in legal, ethical, and social systems are – whether or not it’s intentional – turning my openness into an Internet comments section on a political web site, and are about as enjoyable to engage with as an Internet comments section on a political web site. This is, obviously, rather toxic to my creativity, mood, and digestion, even leaving aside that most readers, I believe, would rather that I wrote new stuff rather than reciting Space Libertarianism 101.

Other questions – even on legal and ethical issues – continue to be welcome, but you may feel free to assume that in this particular area, if an outcome seems Obviously Bloody Stupid, that it doesn’t work that way in the absence of citeable canon evidence that it does without needing me to explain to you exactly how.

That is all, and this change in policy is not up for debate.


3 thoughts on “Notice to Querents

  1. …goodness.

    Good for you.

    Political non-gotcha question: how much are the Imperial Couple permanently vastened by on their coronation; and why?

  2. Nitpickers: wise to nip ’em in the bud. Inspired by you, I began some half-assed world-building using the Golgothans I mention elsewhere. Now, the nitpickers were useful up to a point (helping me understand Golgothans aren’t minarchists but full-fledged, *Hariven-flyin’, anarchists), but after that they weren’t much good for anything ‘cept pissing in my soup. So: good on you muzzlin’ ’em.

    *yep, I’m stealin’ the Hariven (design if not the name)…can’t imagine Golgothans toolin’ around in anything but Harivens.

    • that’s ‘Henry’ damnit!

      And: Golgotha isn’t in your universe (just thought I should state that [for any and all legal/creative/moral/ethical reasons that could crop up]).

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