Eldraeic Word of the Day: cagshálvéth

cagshálvéth: (lit. “sewer-food”; from cagshálla “sewer” + evéth “food”; the former itself from cagál “shit” + shálla “pipe”) a derogatory term applied to yeast-based and (especially) mycogenic foodstuffs, typically by outworld dirtsiders who haven’t figured out yet that a larger circle of life doesn’t mean that they aren’t eating as much shit as they’re talking.

(Actually a much more common word in Trade than regular Eldraeic.)

Notable Replies

  1. In one of your previous conlang posts on Eldraeic, did you provide some kind of pronunciation guide for the language itself? I enjoy learning these new words and their etymology, and it’d be nice to know what they sound like when spoken.

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