I, [insert name], pledge surety in the light of the Flame that I will faithfully and well, to the utmost extent of my skill and power, preserve the Imperial peace and prevent all offences against life, liberty, and property; and that I shall do so without fear of or favor towards any person, and with malice or ill-will toward none.

I give my allegiance, above laws, thrones, powers, and peers, to the Contract, to the Charter, to the principles for which they stand, and to the citizen-shareholders of the Empire; and in the discharge of my duties I shall hold this allegiance above all other considerations.

By these words, I am the watcher upon the walls, the guardian at the gate, the shield held over the innocent, the Flame that stands against the Fire. My life is the coin with which civilization buys peace. I will sell it dearly, but yield it gladly when I must, knowing that I am a sentinel, and my life is made for sacrifice. Never shall I fail in this trust, for this day and all the days to come.

– service oath of the Watch Constabulary

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  1. …no, it’s a message that has to be hammered in, again and again.

    I’m…wanting to avoid target fixation, how’s that? A lot of links in the chain failed, and if there is any fundamental duty in our world and for our society, it is to go through every single link and make sure they don’t fail, ever again. Prevent this mistake, this atrocity, from happening again.

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