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  1. Einherjar? I don’t think we’ve encountered that term before. What is an einherjar thereabouts?

  2. Warriors deemed worthy of being carried to Valhalla by the Valkyries after death on the field of battle. Feast all night, fight Ragnarok all day. Odin’s personal sworn warriors.

    In the case of the Empire…A protocol for resurrection of past legendary Legionnaires to fight for the Empire in a Ragnarok war.

    Things get tricky when a defining characteristic is ‘death in combat.’ The Empire tries very hard to avoid permadeath.

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    Yes, that.

    Technically, in this case, the einherjar are those dead heroes who have retired into the Transcendent soul-ocean, and more precisely, that portion of it which quite resembles Valhalla. Of course, given the nature of the soul-ocean, the droplets that flow out aren’t quite the same as the droplets that flow in.

    But that only makes the einherjar in their transcendent war-forms even deadlier.

  4. The Legion Pi. On one hand The Empire thinks you’re a serious threat. On the other hand, The Empire thinks you’re a serious threat.

    On the gripping hand, The Empire thinks you’re a serious threat.

    At least it’s going to over be quickly.

  5. Hang on - that implies the 160th are not einherjar?

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