Other Sizes, Maybe

Resplendent Exponential Vector Grant Council to Valeran Simíche, greeting.

We have received your experimental proposal of the 19th inst.

However, in the absence of significant theoretical and preferably experimental support for the hypothesis that penetrating the brane will not result in the universe entire popping like a soap bubble with the consequent instantaneous dissolution of its contents into the sempiternal cacoastrum tides of the infinite, all-containing empyrean, this institution must reject your grant application.

(Besides, we don’t have a galactic-core-class black hole to offer you in the first place.)

Nonetheless, we recognize the importance of this line of inquiry and welcome future applications.

Calis Steamweaver

for and on behalf of

Resplendent Exponential Vector Grant Council

Sometimes The Ground Gives You Lemons, Too

Pig Ion, all docks at Javerna Orbital are currently occupied.  Please re-route to Javerna Down.  Coordinates follow.  Javerna Local, over.”

“Negative, Javerna Local, check our cargo manifest.  We can hold or go to Orbital, but our cargo is not to enter planetary gravity wells.  Pig Ion, over.”

Pig Ion, what sort of ‘power plant components’ can’t go planetside?  Javerna Local, over.”

“Holes.  Pig Ion, over.”

Pig Ion, what?  Javerna Local, over.”

“Holes, Javerna Local.  Holes, comma, quantum black, comma, encapsulated, Extropa Energy contraterragenesis core type three.  Eight hundred thousand tons of hungry nothing that you shouldn’t introduce to a planet you might want later.  Pig Ion, over.”

“Aaahh… wait thirty, Pig Ion, we’ll see what we can find for you.  Javerna Local, clear.”

– overheard on local space-control channel, Javerna (Idrine Margin)