Trope-a-Day: Always on Duty

(We now return to our regular trope-a-day schedule, back in the letter A.)

Always on Duty: One of the distinct advantages the Imperial governance would claim it gains from its system of diarchy, with the Imperial Couple, et. al., is that properly used, it ensures that major policy decisions – especially in moments of crisis – are not being made by people who are sleep-deprived into stupidity.

Trope-a-Day: Ruling Couple

Ruling Couple: The Imperial Couple are – as really, you should have been able to guess from the name – this trope.  Diarchies in which the co-rulers have equal authority and mutual veto was the governing tradition of Cestia long into pre-Imperial history (in fact, most Cestian political offices worked this way), was continued into the Union of Empires as a way to emphasize the equal status of Alphas I of Cestia and Seledië III of Selenaria in that, and then, due to demonstrably providing welcome redundancy, versatility, and an additional check and balance to the executive branch, found themselves written into the Imperial Charter as they were.