Trope-a-Day: Starship Luxurious

Starship Luxurious: Played straight in the Empire, even to a large extent with military vessels.  Part of this – see Flaunting Your Fleets – is advertising, much as the brightwork on Age of Sail ships used to be, “look, we can afford to do this with our naval vessels”, but a lot of it is just, well, we have civilized standards to keep up.  Tight mass budget or no, you can’t expect people to live like that for any sort of length of time.

Even though it is as inefficient as it sounds – although, at least at the beginning, assisted by their use of the nuclear pulse drive (see: Orion Drive).

(These are, it should be said, the people who like a lot of personal space; skyscrapers like ours, for example, tend to have the floors chopped up and sold in quarters – at the lower fiscal end of the housing market.  The middle segment is one floor, one tenant/owner.)