Trope-a-Day: Interspecies Romance

Interspecies Romance: See under Boldly Coming, essentially, with a little more long-term in the relationship and somewhat more effort to put into appreciating or overcoming, as necessary, one’s differences.  But since I am of the opinion that, inasmuch as they all occupy the same universe with the same concrete and abstract parameters, and therefore there are certain limits on the phase-space of likely minds, and therefore emotional compatibility between species is actually rather more likely to occur than physical compatibility, well, yes.

Falling In Love Again

Coming this summer from Hedonitechnology, ReLimerance, a new and unique service for couples.

Have you let your relationship grow stale with the years?  Do you know each other too well?

Let our skilled sophic engineers refresh YOUR relationship.  Our latest memory-redaction technology allows us to selectively block your detailed knowledge of one another, while leaving the majority of your memories intact.  Free from history, from preconceptions, from assumptions, we can give you the opportunity to re-experience the first days of your life together, and fall in love all over again!

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(Warning: Hedonitechnology, ICC, recommends the appointment of a legal proxy AI to ensure that all joint and several obligations continue to be met during the period of active redaction, and accepts no responsibility for decisions made by any involved party under the influence of ReLimerance technology.  You, and only you, are responsible for yourself.)