The little sphere, whip antennae flying free, drifted slowly up from the nest of packaging it came in.

“Hello! I’m your new Xinalath Eye-on-Stuff model 2.7 searchbot! May I have access to your local dataweave, please?”

I gestured assent.

“Thank you! Based on your configuration, this appears to be a private home. By default, I’ll assume that you want me to index everything inside your property line that is also marked as property of one of the residents, and that you want every resident to be able to search for their own property and anything marked as shared. Is this acceptable?”

“Yes, that’s fine.”

“Before I get started, is there anything you’d like me not to index?”

“Just my diary, my work desk, and the chest containing my exotic Clajdíän sex toys.”

The sphere dipped once, a vector-control nod. “That’s all the information I need. My preliminary assessment of the volume indicated is that initial indexing should be complete in roughly seven hours. On behalf of Xinalath, thank you for using us!”