Waxing Poetical

For those wondering what exactly a chelír is, after its mention here (and probably also future mentions), it’s an Eldraeic poetry form originating in Cimoníë.  In its original language, it resembles somewhat the Japanese senryu, and so I have attempted to ape this particular style in English in presenting, herewith, some examples:

Well-chosen words sting;
Cutting minds free from shadows.
Truth is a razor.

From zero to one
Infinite numbers exist;
And between those, too.

Star, Stone and Flame abide;
Heaven, Earth, and Bridge –
Three parts make the whole.

Carbon joins carbon
Unites in myriad chains
From this all life springs.

Nuclear fire blossoms
A sky ablaze with curtained light
War’s awful beauty.

– selected chelír from the early Chímbrán collection