Trope-a-Day: Big Eater

Big Eater: Of course, this depends greatly on species, which in fairness doesn’t count, because it applies equally to everyone of that species.  It does apply – in its “thin kind” form, mostly – to most transsophonts, though, simply because none of their modifications repeals the law of conservation of energy, and so that energy has to come from somewhere…

To work an example, the caloric requirements for an average eldrae baseline, before extensive transsophontism set in, were around 3,500 kcal/day (contrast with the human requirement of the order of 2,250 kcal/day; powering various capabilities the Precursors found desirable already made their metabolisms run fairly hot).  By the time you count in the modifications included in the modern alpha baseline, that’s roughly been doubled (i.e., around 7,000 kcal/day), although food intake hasn’t increased that much because of efficiency improvements made to the digestive system, including the ability to digest quite a healthy portion of the cellulose included in the diet.  So, yes, rich food and plenty of it, eaten heartily, is the rule of the day!

Additional enhancements, like, say, all the military-grade combat add-ons, of course, only increase the effect.  And also, that’s base rate, before exercise, etc., are taken into consideration.  I have not yet addressed what MREs are made of in this universe, but if I turned out to be a big steak with buttery mashed potatoes and a sherry trifle chaser, it would not surprise me one bit.

(Also, yes, there are people who have noticed this – really fairly obvious – effect and so tap the secondary market created by selling artificial immune systems, etc., as calorie-consuming slimming aids.  Of course there are.)

Trope-a-Day: Artificial Human

Artificial Human: Lots of them (well, not humans), historically – for a while in the historical period in which biotech was moving faster than digital sophotech, there was quite the fad for constructing “bioroids” – vat-grown (not generally being equipped to be self-replicating) “meat robots”, without volition/threshold autosentience and therefore without personhood, but sapient enough to be useful.  Which is to say, functionally, they’re golems.

In the modern era, of course, the distinction between a bioroid (which is now more properly a term for a type of bioshell) and a bioshell running a non-sophont AI is purely nominal.

(Clones, uplifts, and other sophont artificial people are mentioned elsewhere, and so will not be here.)

Trope-a-Day: Ambiguous Robots

Ambiguous Robots: Between one advancement and another, mechanical robots, biological bioroids, cybernetic implants for biological bodies (including nanocytes and nanosomes), biological organ-implants for mechanical bodies (including skin and flesh coverings, with active nerve integration), and biomimetic materials… well, yes, the middle ground is getting rather ambiguous, isn’t it?  Half the time, even the designers aren’t sure.