Fries With That

Afterburner Fly-In, Skyway 51, 5,000 feet above the Selenarian plains.

“We’d like the Trinary Burger with the smokin’ kimaes, the reshkef handmeal with mint, both with grated argórén and smokebite cheese on the side, the kaeth-size roast joint of ftark, glazed ‘on fire’, a box of sevesúr segments with honey dipping sauce to split, some chunked hasérgalrás, rare, for my bandal, a pint of Wintersbreath stout, a large Quicksilver Quaff, no ice, a pint of plum brandy, bloodwarm, and from your ammonia-breather menu, the dry-ice-grilled lúekha worm and a Deuterium Slushie with extra methane, please, all to go.  On my account.”