Trope-a-Day: The Fair Folk

The Fair Folk: While this is not a trope that strictly applies to anyone in the Eldraeverse – and, and I would like to be absolutely clear on this, in-universe as well as out-universe there is absolutely no causal connection whatsoever between these chaps and any of the applicable legends – you really don’t have to look far to find the amazing, beautiful, graceful and – in the Clarkian sense – magical (see: The Beautiful People, Can’t Argue With Elves, Inhumanly Beautiful Race) and the proud, nor for that matter their society and customs extravagant and elegant but amoral and inscrutable (see: Blue and Orange Morality).

They do, however, have empathy, although given the number of truly stupid problems to have in the universe, sympathy is in rather shorter supply.

And, of course, the rest of the trope doesn’t apply.

Trope-a-Day: Space Elves

Space Elves: Yeah, yeah, yeah…  (Says so right in the subtitle, see?)

Well, let’s just say that many, many years ago (say twenty) there was a lot more fantasy in my speculative-fiction worldbuilding, which didn’t quite wear off until somewhat fewer years ago (say ten).  The remaining elvishness (see: Our Elves Are Better) of the eldrae is a combination of that part which I consider justified, and that part which is pure legacy code.  (And that get their essential body plan the scientifically-justifiable way; see Human Aliens.)

And in the genre that brought us, say, the asari, the minbari, the vulcans, the syreen, etc., etc., and plenty of even physically closer-to-elvish examples, I’m not exactly worried about it, either.