Trope-a-Day: Space Elves

Space Elves: Yeah, yeah, yeah…  (Says so right in the subtitle, see?)

Well, let’s just say that many, many years ago (say twenty) there was a lot more fantasy in my speculative-fiction worldbuilding, which didn’t quite wear off until somewhat fewer years ago (say ten).  The remaining elvishness (see: Our Elves Are Better) of the eldrae is a combination of that part which I consider justified, and that part which is pure legacy code.  (And that get their essential body plan the scientifically-justifiable way; see Human Aliens.)

And in the genre that brought us, say, the asari, the minbari, the vulcans, the syreen, etc., etc., and plenty of even physically closer-to-elvish examples, I’m not exactly worried about it, either.

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