Blogging from A to Z – April 2016!

A2Z-BADGE_[2016]So, this challenge that I did last year?

That was fun.

So I’m doing it again this year!

This time, though, I’m going to offer you, gentle readers, a chance to help me out a little with the conceptualizing of things and possibly see things you want to see as a result. Namely, I’m going to let you suggest words for each letter, if you would like to do so.

Click here to suggest!

No limits on how many or how few letters you may submit for, or how many suggestions you may make in total – just send ’em in, and I’ll take a look at them.

(No promises, either, for the person already thinking that “quetzalcoatl” is a word deeply underused in science fiction writing. But I’ll at least try to use suggestions.)

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